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Services Overview

Your peace and happiness is our goal

Safe and Comfortable Environment

At Agape, we prioritize safety and comfort. Our home is situated in an exceptionally safe neighborhood, providing peace of mind to our residents. Also, we are conveniently located just 0.8 miles away from St. Anthony's hospital, guaranteeing quick access to medical assistance when needed. Our staff members undergo regular training to detect and prevent any form of abuse. Lastly, we highly value transparency, welcoming family and friends to visit or call at any time to check on their loved ones.

Going or a Walk

Personalized Care Plans

We offer personalized care plans tailored to the unique needs of each resident, while valuing their input and that of their support team. Through daily check-ins, we can change our care to best serve the wants and needs of our residents. We respect our clients' opinions, never forcing them into anything. We take pride in serving delicious, nutritious meals. Based on the desires of our residents, we alter our served cuisine.

Tray of Food

Socially Engaging

Agape residents live within a close-knit community. They are also able to engage with our dedicated staff, including a resident manager available on weekdays and caregivers available at all times. Also, our resident manager organizes carefully curated activities every week to encourage connections among residents. We want to see residents flourish by building lasting friendships and participating in meaningful conversations.

Young and Old Hands

Serving High-Needs with Excellence

We are committed to delivering exceptional care and assistance specifically for individuals with high needs. We possess expertise in providing attentive support to those with mild to medium dementia and diverse mental health challenges. While there may be certain cases that fall outside our scope, we maintain confidence in our ability to enable residents to flourish, even in the face of challenging ailments, behaviors, and disabilities.

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Support with Everyday Life Activities

Our home provides comprehensive support for all aspects of daily living. We handle essential tasks such as food preparation, cleaning, laundry, and medication administration. Additionally, we offer aid with mobility, dressing, and appointment reminders among other things. To provide the best service, we continuously adapt and tailor our support fo each resident.

Grandmother and Granddaughter

Beautiful Home and Surroundings

Our residence is very comfortable. With six spacious rooms, our residents enjoy ample living space. We have carefully designed the decor to add charm to every corner, and our meticulously maintained exterior landscaping enhances the overall beauty of our property. Natural sunlight fills our home through strategically placed skylights.

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12506 59th Ave NW

Gig Harbor, WA 98332


(360) 338 - 3989


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